Dutch Tax Solution's Seven Step Process

Over the past fourteen years a seven-step process has been developed that has proved to be effective in settling Dutch tax obligations.

The process begins with initial discussions with the farmer with no obligations, and it ends with a Tax Clearance Certificate. The initial discussion can take place either in person, through email or by telephone.

ditch-tax-seven-step-process.jpgA person to person meeting may not be possible, and it is not always necessary. Whenever possible, we do try to make at least one personal visit. Obviously that is easier to do in Canada then in France, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, or other countries. However, once again, if a face to face visit is needed to better understand the situation, one can be arranged.

After initial discussions we will send you a letter of contract that will spell out what you can expect from us and what we expect from you.

If you feel you would like to continue with us, we can then enter into an agreement to help you solve your tax obligations once and for all.

The seven steps guarantee accuracy, efficiency, confidentiality and it gets results.

We will know by step 4 if a solution is possible. If we cannot broker a solution and negotiate a deal for you then there are no fees payable.

The Dutch Tax Solution is dependent on honest and open discussion. We ask if it is possible to have full-disclosure of your situation.

Over the past decade trusted relationships have been built where we have come to expect and rely on various personnel within the Ministry of Finance to keep their word and their intentions. Also, the Ministry of Finance have come to expect and rely on us to keep our word and our intentions. Based on this trust level we have never had an offer turned down. We have an impeccable solid track record supported by integrity, honesty and full disclosure.

No case is too small and no case is too large. We have settled cases as small as €100,000 and as big as €5,500,000

Check us out. Give us a call. Drop us an email. We are in the solutions business. We can help you to settle your tax situation.

About Fred Knip


Fred was born and raised on a farm in South Western Ontario to a Dutch immigrant family being the second oldest of eight children. After attending Calvin College in Michigan, United States, Fred moved to Alberta...