No Cure - No Pay

The Dutch Tax Solutions is based on a no cure no pay basis. Very simply, if we cannot get a solution for you there will be no fee for our services.

We are a solution based company. Too often our clients have experienced exorbitant accounting and legal fees and have had no viable solutions; or they have had only temporary, band-aid, solutions which cost them much more in the long run.

Often we have had clients complain that they feel they are "milk-cows" for accounting and legal firms. The continual monthly fees they had to pay never brought them any closer to a permanent solution. They were never able to attain a Tax Clearance Certificate.

We work towards a Tax Clearance Certificate. That is our promise to the farmer. This means that we will negotiate with the Dutch Tax Administration to settle your taxes with a one time payment - or no payment, as the case may be – to settle your outstanding tax debt. The Tax Clearance Certificate signifies therefore, that:

  • the outstanding tax debts of this settlement agreement as referred to in the letter of intent and all outstanding tax debts of the persons in question, are considered fully paid;
  • with regard to these tax debts no further action will be taken, e.g. costs, interest, etc. any other measures, like passport marking, court orders for imprisonment, etc. They will be lifted or cancelled.

We guarantee that if there is "no cure" then there will be "no pay."

About Fred Knip


Fred was born and raised on a farm in South Western Ontario to a Dutch immigrant family being the second oldest of eight children. After attending Calvin College in Michigan, United States, Fred moved to Alberta...