Once we have reached a solution, the Dutch Tax Solutions' fee for negotiating a tax settlement will be 5% of the difference between what you owe and what we settle for. This fee does not include any financial evidence or personal accounting fees.

So, for example, if we can save you € 100,000 then the one-time fee will be € 5,000.

If we can save you of € 500,000, then the one-time fee will be € 25,000.

If we can negotiate a "zero" balance for you, our fee will be 5% of your final assessment. This means that you owed € 250,000 and we negotiate it to € 0, the fee will be 5% of €250,000.

As Dutch taxes are calculated in Euro, fees will be calculated in Euros and exchanged to Canadian dollars. Fees can be paid electronically by transferring funds to our account.

The letter of intent will be evidence that an agreement has been reached. Once we have obtained a letter of intent from the Dutch Tax Administration and the fees are paid, the Tax Clearance Certificate will be released. There will be no release of the Tax Clearance Certificate until fees are paid.

Generally, fees are agreed upon before Dutch Tax Solutions begins work so there will be no confusion once a settlement is reached..

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