Dit zijn een aantal testimoniums van bestaande klanten. Deze pagina is niet vertaald in het Engels. Als u vragen heeft, neem dan contact met ons op.

"We have never been as relieved as when we received our Tax Clearance Certificate from Fred at Dutch Tax Solutions. A very large weight was lifted from us when our taxes were settled and we could go back to the Netherlands to see our aging parents without fear of being stopped at customs." - TAvE

"We are very grateful to Fred for settling our tax issues with the Dutch fiscus. We are so relieved." - BdJ

"Fred sat with us and listened to our concerns. He was very understanding and he knew what he was talking about. He took over our case from our accountants in the Netherlands and he had a solution within two months. Our accountants had been working on our file for five years and we couldn't get any solutions, just invoices. Fred got us solutions." - AvdB

"Our oldest daughter and her husband had their first child and we wanted to visit them so badly. However, our passports was marked and registered with the custom and immigration people. We were afraid to travel to the Netherlands because we thought they would stop us. When Fred settled our taxes and we received our Tax Clearance Certificate, we flew out within days through Schiphol. We were stopped at the passport counter and asked to come with the officer to the Immigration office. They told us we had to stay there until problems about our taxes were cleared up. I quickly pulled out the Tax Clearance Certificate Fred negotiated for us and in five minutes we were allowed to go and see our first grand-daughter. Thank you, Fred, for negotiating a settlement for us." - IJK

"As hog farmers we have nothing left. Whenever the blue envelope came in the mail we would be so stressed because we had nothing to pay the Dutch Taxes. One day a neighbour suggested we call Fred Knip at Dutch Tax Solutions. He was able to negotiate a settlement for us and now we don't receive any more aangetekend blue letters from the Dutch tax department. That constant drip is gone! Thank you Fred for your help." - KvG

My wife and I want to thank Fred at the Dutch Tax Solutions for giving back our life. We lived the last ten years in fear with this debt over our heads. It was like a guillotine swinging over us and we never knew when it would fall. We don't have to worry about it any more thanks to the work Fred did for us." - JA