About Us

Who are we?

Dutch Tax Solutions began in 1996 when it became apparent that numerous Dutch farmers who had immigrated to Canada still owed taxes in the Netherlands. A Dutch farmer approached Fred Knip to help him to settle his tax obligation to the Netherlands using various insurance and investment products. Although the Dutch Tax Administration never accepted the solutions that were presented at that time on behalf of the farmer, the experience birthed the Dutch Tax Solutions project 

In 1997 another Dutch farmer travelled back to the Netherlands and was promptly apprehended by the Dutch Tax Authorities. His passport was taken away and he could not return back to his farm in Canada until he had paid his taxes. 

Fred was asked to intervene with the Dutch Tax Authorities on the farmer’s behalf and he met with several high ranking tax officials from the Ministry of Finance in Den Hague. As a result of these meetings, he began to work towards an equitable solution for Dutch farmers who have tax debt. 

By 1998 the Dutch Tax Solutions project exploded when the Canadian Government and the Dutch Government renewed a tax-assistance treaty. The Canadian Ministry of Finance sent out threatening letters to numerous Dutch-Canadian farmers. Several of these farmers met with Fred to assist them with their tax liability in the Netherlands. Numerous meetings in Den Hague and in Ottawa helped Fred develop and crystallize steps to resolving tax issues.

After more than ten years of working with the tax authorities, investment bankers, and life insurance companies, a solution has developed to help Dutch farmers to settle their tax obligations in a fair and balanced manner.